Istoria Romaniei intr-o animatie foarte bine ilustrata

Intamplator am descoperit pe YouTube aceasta animatie referitoare la istoria Romaniei de-a lungul vremii. E foarte bine ilustrata si spre rusinea mea, mi-am reamintit ordinea cronologica a celor mai importante evenimente si batalii prin care tara noastra a trecut, lucruri pe care le-am invatat candva si in scoala, dar cine sa le mai tina minte.

Hello everyone, yes indeed, it is here, it’s finally done. After nearly one year and 7 months, it’s done. It’s been a long journey to this point, so many events have happened throughout the making of this video that certain parts simply bring back those memories. I must thank all of those who supported or helped with the making of this video. I must however apologize for a few audio errors, i have no idea what caused those.

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